Service with a smile – Please!?

At the very beginning I would like to point out that the following is my opinion and is only based on my experiences. This blog is basically all about my opinion, yet many times I do try to offer viewpoints based on some research and in the future I will use this space to do some reporting. Any reporting will be based on actual research and interviews.
That being said I will take this time today to RANT! Almost daily we are greeted, particularly on national broadcasts, with the grim facts that this country is in a deep financial crisis. Many are edging away from the term recession, however I still believe we are in a recession but then again recessionary like conditions existed in my world before the government wanted to admit it was a country-wide issue.
I don’t offer this description just to let you know that I try to keep up on the news, but to offer perspective for my RANT. So on to the rant. This afternoon I stopped at a national Chicken franchise to grab a bite to eat and was once again confronted with an employee who did not want to be at work! She was very dry, not mean nor did she offer a lot of attitude, but it just left me with a horrible experience.
Now I know that many of you may be saying, ‘Well you don’t know what happened in her life today, she may just be having a bad day’. Granted that could be the case, but on a somewhat regular basis you run into folks with customer service level position who don’t want to offer pleasant service, and that I believe is a disservice to the customer.
With unemployment reaching into the double digits in many communities, I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who would give anything to HAVE A JOB!
As a nation I think we need a wake-up call because entry level customer service jobs are leaving this country daily and then we look around and scratch our heads asking why. The reasons are numerous, but at some point we have to look internally and say, ‘what role did I play’.
That’s my rant, and all I want is a little pleasant service – more often than not!
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