#reverb10 – Wisdom

What a weekend! I’m late in posting my reverb10 reflections so today I’m posting two. Maybe three because it is my plan to do all 31 even if I didn’t start on time!
First let’s look at the December 10th prompt – Wisdom, “What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?” When I first read this prompt I thought it would be difficult to write or to determine, because let’s face it – most people don’t think they are very wise especially in a day-to-day way. Or at least that’s how I am. However after thinking back on the past year I was able to come up with a response fairly quickly.
Throughout the years I have been very good at advising others that you can ‘only do what you can do’ and that you are not in control of the emotions and actions of others. I thought that I did a pretty good job of this myself – that is not harping on the reactions and attitudes of others. My philosophy has always been “if you know in your heart that you have done the best that you can” in any situation then let it go.
This year has presented a number of situations when I have been engaged in heated exchanges with others because of their perception of an event, action or something similar. It was becoming a serious problem, one that left me angry, aggravated and just not in a good state. That is until I took my own advice and realized that there problems were not mine.
So, how has this worked? It has limited my level of anxiety and frustration, but it has resulted in strained relationships. I am not happy that some of my relationships with people that are very important to me are in dire straits, but at the same time I am not constantly stressing either. I can’t always put others before me and my mental and physical health. Phew I said it, and I really mean it. Hoping for a stress free ’11!

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