#reverb10 – The Ultimate Party!

I don’t do a lot of partying these days – much to my dismay. I guess it has to do with growing older and being more selective in the situations you put yourself in. That being said I would say that the year started off with a great party!
For the past three years we have gathered with a group of friends to bring in the New Year and each year the party gets better. It is a house party held at the home of some dear friends and it attracts a large gathering of friends, family and neighbors. The basement is small, but not tight and has a great layout complete with an area set aside for the bar. Because it’s a house party the attire is usually casual with a little glitter added via tops or jazzy bottoms. Attire is so unimportant I can’t actually recall what I wore.
My husband sometimes moonlights as a bartender and each year he adds this party to his portfolio, but this year I took over the bar. I don’t quite remember how this happened, but it did and I had a good time and the attendees enjoyed my mixology.
The food was a mix of standard house party mix – chicken wings, ribs, pasta salad, spinach dip, and I believe there were greens too! So we had a good spread to fill the belly and a full bar to lift the spirits. Top that off with DJ Vince and the house was jumping.
We danced, ate, drank and talked well into the early hours of 2010 and a good time was had by all.

One thought on “#reverb10 – The Ultimate Party!”

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I remember that night…I think… well what I remember of being one of the receipant of your mixed spirits…I was not the designated driver and I truy enjoyed myself and jammed to the Jay-Z “New York” song! Welcoming an interesting 2010…Lets do it again!!!! -Ang

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