Free Books – Part Two!

Here we go, the second installment of the Free Book Give-Away! When I say free that’s exactly what I mean. The recipient pays nothing – not even shipping! I am in the process of doing some home renovations, and I need to make room for other things, so won’t you help me out by taking a book or two off of my hands?

  1. Eyes of A Child by Richard North Patterson
  2. Achieving Your Financial Potential by Scott Kays
  3. French Silk by Sandra Brown
  4. Heaven’s Price by Sandra Brown
  5. Disclosure by Michael Crichton
  6. No Disrespect by Sister Souljah
  7. Dreamer – A Novel by Charles Johnson
  8. The Client by John Grisham
  9. Inside the Magic Kingdom by Tom Connellan
So that’s it, click on the title to learn more about the book, and leave a message in the comment section to receive your FREE Book! For a look at the first installment, look here.
Note – I don’t want to delay this posting so I apologize if you have problems with the links. For some reason when I tested them I received error messages. I am hoping this is just a late night glitch and you won’t have that problem.

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