I Support My President

I was once a political “junkie” listening to every speech, flipping through the various channels to get a taste for all of the pundits, but in recent time I have tried to divest myself of these habits because they were in a word – DEPRESSING!

Last night was one of those nights when I could not listen because I knew that so much of the rhetoric would be laced in hate and venom. Why so much hate? Well in my opinion it has to do with the “browning” of this country and a fear of loosing control.

The “browning” is not just in the White House, it is the fact that there are more and more minorities in this country, and a lot of people can’t handle that! Some minorities included.

But this post is about me supporting my President and why. I support him because I believe that he has the best interests of all Americans when he attempts to shape the policies of this country and because he is a man of character.

It takes a man of strong character to admit that he hasn’t satisfied the masses and an even stronger one to once again extend the “olive branch” to his dissenters in an effort to move this country forward. I have not read his statement in its entirety, but this reporting suggests President Obama is once again open to dialogue.

I will begin to watch in a few days when the volume of rhetoric has been reduced to a reasonable level, because it is now time for the Republicans and the Tea Party to play their hand. It’s a hand I believe we are all familiar with, but now it is up to the American people to choose between substance and rhetoric. Allegedly the people have spoken and they want to “Change the Course” according to Rep. Boehner, but what is the course and at what cost?

So as not to ramble I will end by restating – I Support President Barack Obama, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, but everything to do with the content of his character!


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