Why Clevelanders are angry with LeBron James

So it’s been a week almost to the minute since LeBron James took the hearts of Cleveland Cavs fans and dumped them a steamy and hot Lake Erie. There their hearts were left to steam, bake and boil – sending our feelings about “The King” into the likes of a Massachusetts clam bake!

You see for months there has been speculation and innuendo, however those of us who chose to believe the words that were uttered from “The King” were confident that he would stay at home and really become the ROYALTY he proclaimed himself to be.
Why you ask did we feel this way? Well he was passionate about his love for his hometown of Akron, Ohio in particular and Northeast Ohio. He was quoted as saying he recalled “the fumble, the drive, and the shot” so he understood the angst of Cleveland fans and he wanted to bring joy to the area. HE WAS ONE OF US!
But in one fell swoop he shattered that dream and became in the minds of many, just another shallow albeit well paid athlete.
The problem is the money he left on all of the tables, so it wasn’t about the money it was about the ring. I have problems believing that, because although I won’t go as far as Dan Gilbert and say that he quit during the Boston series – something went terribly wrong! As the self proclaimed leader of that team I will say that his drive and desire for a ring was not present! So we the fans were let down by that performance or lack thereof.
The Cavs organization however does not get a pass. Something went terribly wrong within that group of men, and it really started when this team sport was relegated to the backseat. It has been clear for the last seven years that many of the problems with the team stemmed from the lack of team coaching.
What do I mean by this? Well it appears as though the plays and the focus of these Cavalier teams have been to elevate James, not the entire squad. The team members surrounding James were far from scrubs, but how focused and determined are they when their worth and ability is relegated to the background!
The strength of a true team is shown when the least of them can grow, and become an asset. That has not been the case in the recent past for the Cavaliers, but we hope it will be the mandate for the Cavs of the future.
“The King” has left the building and the Cavs will be a much better franchise because of it – Let’s go CAVS!!!
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