Preparing for a New Year

Over the course of the last several weeks I have been working on my plans for a more productive 2010 as it relates to writing, and my other creative outlets of knitting and papercrafting. My knitting has suffered the most over recent months because I have spent so much time doing other things and I just haven’t picked up the needles, but that will soon change.
It amazes me at times to see folks seriously multi-task and keep their sanity. That’s my goal for the new year. With these goals in mind I have also been reassessing the role of this blog in my future plans. I would really like for it to be a central part of my growth and to serve as an avenue for me to practice the craft of writing. So for the followers of this little corner of my world – change is coming.
One area of change I’m sure will be the addition of a section of posts on natural hair and my journey. I have already written a couple of posts on this matter and anticipate I will complete many more in the months ahead.
You might ask why, especially since I have found several blogs and websites specifically geared to natural hair. Well the why is that while most all of these sites were started as a response to someone’s journey – they are all similar yet different because each person’s journey is unique. I hope to add a little humor on this subject because I’m tickled everytime I find myself reading and seeking out more information on hair of all things. While I’ve never wanted my hair not to look well coifed and styled, I have never been a “hair” person. Going to a salon once a week, or even every other week was a stretch for me.
I’ll delve more into that soon, but as an example of how “hair obsessed” I have become – I spent the better part of today checking out sites in an effort to learn more about how to manage, maintain and style my hair.
Some of the sites I have found that have become instant favs are listed here. Click on the name and check out the sites – you will be amazed at all of the interesting information you can find. Newly Natural, Curly Nikki, and Black Girl With Long Hair are three that I will highlight soon.
That catches you up on where I plan to take this space in the future and I hope you will hang out with me from time to time. Working hard behind the scenes to get it together so if there are no posts in the next couple of days – enjoy the festivities over the next couple of days and be safe as you welcome in 2010!

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