Happy Father’s Day

Today I want to thank my father for being that rock in my life. When I think of my Dad I smile, because humor – dry and corny as it might be is always present with him. I’ve always said he was quiet, reserved and laid back, but as I have grown older I have found that he really isn’t that quiet. Boy, can he talk if you let him! There have been days that he’s called to talk about something he heard or read in the newspaper and he will go on and on, and on about it. Some times I’m caught off guard and I’m thinking to myself “where did that come from” because it is something that I can’t believe my Dad would be interested in. Later, I’ll think about it and realize it’s something he knows I’m interested in, and this is his way of loving his children.

You see my Dad has never been an affectionate person, that is until he became a grandfather the second time around. You see I have three older siblings, and two of them have children that are now adults, but when these grandchidlren were little they lived in other states so that bond was not formed. Now the last four grandchildren live here in town and are regularly at my parents house, and when you watch my Dad with them we often marvel at the affection he gives them. Because we can all probably count on our hands how many times he has hugged and/or kissed us, but even without the tactile reminders I have always known he loved me.

The phone calls to discuss the news was just as good as a hug or kiss, because at that moment I knew my Daddy was thinking about me.

Over the last several weeks I have been thinking about he and my mother a great deal because they are older now, and this is hard for me to accept. Today my Dad is really not feeling himself and you can hear it in his voice, and that pulls at my heart because my Rock is losing some of his strength. He’s not as spry as he was a few years back, so I’m working on ways in which I can be a rock of sorts and stand strong for him.

So this Father’s Day I’m going to hang out with my Dad for a while and hopefully he’ll tell me one of his corny jokes and we’ll both share a good laugh!

Happy Father’s Day to all, and to all the children be sure to take some time today to let your Dad know how special he is.


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