Good Couple of Weeks

Over the last two weeks I have ventured out of my routine. No longer work, go to school and come home. It’s been a long time since I did this, and it felt good. Oh, I’m a little behind in a couple of things, but you have to have a little fun in life don’t you?!

Last Friday I met up with some friends for lunch. Just the girls hanging out sharing a meal and lots of laughter. Laughter is good for the soul and good company is even better. The interesting thing about this gathering was the fact that it gave a lot of credence to the whole six degrees of separation theory. I was invited to lunch by one of my dearest friends – we’ve known each other over twenty years, and years ago we found out that she went to elementary and junior high school with some of my first cousins. Later still we learned that she and one of the ladies joining us for lunch were friends from church, and this friend and I graduated from high school together.

The more mature I get (who gets older) I find instances like this with a higher frequency. All-in-all Friday afternoon lunch was great!


Not to be outdone with lunch, Friday evening I helped a friend celebrate her 40th Birthday with a Pole Dancing party! Talk about walking on the wild side! I did not, but it was a lot of fun and something that I would attend again!

Once again just a group of ladies having a good time and learning a few things at the same time. I look forward to learning more about the healthy aspects of Pole Dancing. They actually have workouts, and after listening to the instructor – if you follow directions, it could really help with strengthening the abs and other parts.

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One Response to Good Couple of Weeks

  1. ohradiogirl says:

    It’s never too late to think outside the box. To go outside your schedule is even better. I think that you’ll find that it’s doable. Meaning, you can live a little and still get things done. I like the Internet and social media, but I have to balance that w/seeing and meeting people. Glad to know that you had a fab week. Here’s to many more.

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