So Much to talk about!

I have been away for a few weeks trying to wrap my arms around Spring Semester. So much has gone on that I’ve wanted to talk about but I just couldn’t squeeze the time out to do it, so here it is in an abbreviated version.

Madea Goes To Jail

As I mentioned in a previous post I was unable to support Tyler Perry during opening weekend. The sell-out crowds were more than I could handle. I have finally seen the movie, and unfortunately I have to agree with many of my friends who suggested I wait for the DVD version.

I have to say this was probably TP’s worst film. From dialogue to forced acting I was left wondering why I had taken two hours out of my day to watch. As an example, the story lines were very predictable from the out of touch black socialite to the wounded college student turned prostitute. Early in the movie Candy, played by Keisha Knight Pulliam, is released on bail and on the steps of the courtroom she is met by college friend, now Assistant Prosecutor Josh (Derek Luke) and Ellen, (Viola Davis) the Minister fighting to get prostitutes off the streets. The dialogue between Candy and Ellen is just so unbelievable and almost juvenile.
Candy – “I ain’t got time for no Jesus jokers!”
Ellen – “Fine, I ain’t got time for you either – Sucker”
It was just so laughable to me, really “Sucker” – I’m sure Tyler could of come up with something a little better.

The cliches were evident and the story lines were just so overdone in a lot of ways. As with all of Perry’s movies there was a message, and a good one that was timely for a lot of people as we grapple with unemployment, foreclosure etc. We must all hold ourselves accountable for our circumstances in life, and stop holding on to the past. If a redo is needed, let it begin with you, don’t point at someone else.

As I continue to ponder the problems I had with this film I think it might boil down to – rushed product. Perry is putting out beau coup work and this film may have suffered because of it.

So in my humble opinion, Perry raked in the cash the first two opening weekends and if you haven’t made it to the movies support him on the back end -rent the DVD!

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One Response to So Much to talk about!

  1. Lori says:

    Hey Shell,You know, I didn’t think it was that bad (smile). I guess I pretty much know what to expect when I see a TP movie–silliness and lots of laugh. Nothing too deep . . . What’s even more interesting to me, is the one TP movie folks seem to enjoy–Why Did I Get Married?–bored the heck out of me (LOL).I have a theory about TP’s work. I won’t go into it here, but I hope to write about it one day(smile).

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