First Snowstorm of the Season

Today’s prompt on the One-Minute Writer site was just the tool to get me started. What event would you like to have immortalized in a photo? Well with the first snowstorm of the season I decided it was necessary to venture outside to partake in a card making class. I cleaned off my car early that morning in preparation of my departure and then went back inside to get dressed. My trip was going along oh, so smoothly until I reached Green Road and Anderson Avenue. As I approached this intersection I could feel the rear of my SUV becoming sort of light and floating in the wrong direction. Before I realized what was happening I had done a 180 degree spin. As I am spinning I see a car travelling north – that means in my direction and I’m wondering do I remember what to do, oh God please don’t let me crash! As these thoughts race through my mind I also see that the oncoming car is going into it’s own spin. The story has a happy ending because I am sitting at my computer today recounting my second spin out this winter.
Thank you Jesus for watching over me! This is a photo I would like to have – a picture inside the truck cabin witnessing the sheer panic that I felt at that moment.
As for the card class – it was fun, relaxing and I learned some tips and tricks as it relates to inks. The photo on the right represents the first real snowstorm in Cleveland this winter!
Stay warm and that’s my more than one-minute post!

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