Workin’ It Out

Well I’m working really hard on my issues with time management, and I am pleased to report that I’m making significant progress – in some ways.
Well the holidays have rolled around and despite the wonderful quips we often hear at this time “It comes at the same time every year” this year I looked up and Thanksgiving was only a week away and I wondered where had the time gone. With the holidays always comes the rush to try and create as many gifts as possible, thus the first topic in my discussion of overcoming issues related to time management.
On my needles now are two separate projects for this joyous season. One project is about 98% complete and the second I would say about 40%. This is wonderful news because the second project – wrist warmers were created using a new technique – Magic Loop. See demo below if you’re a knitter and interested in a great technique that eliminates double point knitting!

I have been attempting to get started on this technique for several months, but kept putting down the project. Now I am well on my way to completing the wrist warmers in record time! Yippee!!
While I haven’t actually put pencil to paper on my work in progress, I have been reviewing what is written as well as critiques in order to help me determine where I am going with this project. That may sound like procrastination, but it really isn’t. The key here is that I have a couple of pieces started that actually could fit into one project – so I am working on my writing.
While not part of a project, the fact that I am stopping to update this blog is a definite plus. Earlier today I found myself lurking on a few blogs and questioned how it is I continue to search for time to post, when others particularly authors, Moms etc. regularly find the time to sit down and blog. Part of me wondered if it was commitment. So, I am working hard at making a commitment to post at least once a week.
Still need to work paper crafting into this scenario. Have started a couple of projects, but nothing truly worth noting.
I’ll just keep reminding myself that little steps are taken in order to reap large rewards!

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