A Joyous Customer Service Experience

I am truly elated! This evening I had the pleasure of a positive encounter with a customer service representative! I will not name the company, but I am checking into tire prices and decided to place a call to a shopping service I somehow got hoodwinked into joining to see how the process works. This is a trial membership and I really had the papers in front of me so that I could call and cancel the membership before it really kicks in, but I decided see what tires would cost – maybe this will be worth the membership.
After looking for the specific tire I requested to no avail I decided to ask, “How does this really work?” The lovely young lady on the other end of the telephone explained that I would order the tires, which would then be shipped to me and I would have to take them to a shop and have them installed. As she’s talking I’m seeing nothing but $$$ and thinking to myself – nope this is not the answer. Well to my surprise the young lady went on to tell me that this process really wasn’t worth it! Can you believe it! I was so pleasantly pleased I had to share!
This young woman helped me erase some of the very bad experiences I have had lately with customer service in various establishments!

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One Response to A Joyous Customer Service Experience

  1. Radiogirl says:

    Customer service needs to check itself. We all need to have more positive experiences especially in these economic times when we are more than happy to shop elsewhere. Glad to hear about your ‘truthful’ experience.

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