I have not posted in the last several months, but I have been busy reading and re-evaluating the blog and what the focus should be. I’m still toying with this, but I hope to publish more frequently in the weeks to come.
A few things I will do more of is linking to sites that I find helpful, intriguing and/or just fun! Here are the first of my link submissions:
If you’re looking for some good southern humor then look no further than LadyLee, I’ve been lurking on her site for quite some time now and she is sure to give you a laugh when you’re in need. She doesn’t claim to be a writer yet, but if you read some of her stories you will probably wonder why she’s not published!
If you’re a writer looking for great tips advice and just a little down to earth knowledge from an accomplished author – check out Tayari Jones’ blog!
Writers looking for sites seeking submissions should check out Ericka Dreifus’s Practicing Writer
Soon to be published author Lori Johnson offers more southern humor and thoughts at Lori’s Old School Mix.
Hip Hop fans will learn much at Indy Hip Hop World.
That’s it for this posting – see you soon in the blogsphere!

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2 Responses to Hiatus

  1. Lori says:

    Hey Shell,Nice to see you up and at it again. But get this, my own dear hubby recently (and totally out of the blue) bought me the very same Margaret Atwood book you’re currently reading! Be sure to share your thoughts on it with me. It will probably be a while before I get around to it. Oh, and thanks for the plug (smile).

  2. Thanks so much for the kind mention!

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