Venting! I Can’t Do People Today!

I haven’t posted in a few days because my life has been so hectic! It started out as a good hectic, but over the last two days I have come to the conclusion I CAN’T DO PEOPLE! I am a regular lurker on several different blogs, some of which I have listed on the sidebar and others I don’t but one of my favs is Radiogirl. One of her recent posts was on Positive Thinking and I really try to look for the bright spot in everything and everybody just to make life a little easier for me, but today I’ve had it and I’m done dealing with petty, egotistical and ultimately shallow people! I just can’t take it anymore.
I know this sounds a bit like rambling and I apologize, but that is where I am at this particular moment in time. Later today I hope to have calmed down so that I can post aobut my Artist’s Date over the weekend and Daddy’s Little Girl.
Thanks for listening, reading if anyone is out there!

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