Go Bucks!!!!

Today is the day of reckoning for The Ohio State University Buckeyes! For the entire season they have been ranked No. 1 and tonight they must defend this ranking! I am pulling for the Bucks to tame a ‘Gator or two!

Here in northeast Ohio we are especially proud because about 1/3 of the players on this Buckeye team hail from this portion of the state – not to mention the fact that the dynamic duo Troy Smith & Ted Ginn, Jr. are from right here in Cleveland!

Make us proud and bring home the trophy!!!!

Are Men from Mars/Women from Venus?

This question has been lingering in my mind recently for a number of reasons, but probably first and foremost because I found an old CD by Koffee Brown aptly tilted Mars/Venus. The underlying theme of this album is relationship drama – from infidelity to trying to make the love thing last.

Everything is summarized in an Interlude at the end where the male half of the duo states, “There is no us til we understand we and I understand you and You understand me.” That in and of itself is the key to a relationship.

Let’s look at fruit – if you have a whole apple and you cut it down the center you now have two halves. Well in life it is just the opposite, you have two halves that come together and pledge themselves to one another forming the whole apple.

As I listen to various people on a personal note as well as radio show hosts and television shows about relationships it appears that we as a people have lost our way in becoming one. We bring individual lives into a relationship, yet don’t see a need to alter them in honor of that whole unit. We are putting our individual pleasures or experiences in front of the unit we have pledged ourselves too.

My question would be “How do we prioritize outside interests for the goodness of the whole unit, or how do we meld the two?” Any thoughts?

New Year, No Resolution – Just A New Outlook

It’s the Double 07! Is that a good thing, or just a continuation of the previous year under new cover. Well that all depends on the slant you want to use.
After a tumultuous start I have decided to take a positive slant – the 007 is going to be a good year for me! It’s got to go up ’cause 06 was a mutha-shut your mouth.
This year I hope for this to be a more active space with interaction, dialouge and feedback – so if something moves you, please take the time to let me know what your thoughts are – good, bad or indifferent.