Tomorrow’s the Big Election Day!

Ok, we’re not electing a President tomorrow – ah shucks, can we please! Instead we are electing the next Congress and in Ohio the Governor among other statewide elected offices and I can’t wait until the polls close.
We have been inundated with the worst smear and smut that I can recall in a non-Presidential election. All of the political pundits are analyzing the elections and issues and declaring victory in most cases for the Democratic Party and laying the blame at the feet of the Republicans and President Bush for his inaction as it relates to the War in Iraq.
Listening to talk radio today I heard an interesting comment and referral to the mega preacher Creflo Dollar and I was a bit surprised. Maybe I shouldn’t have been after talking with a few people who follow the mega ministers. It appears that the right Reverend Dollar (and I am assuming here) has joined forces with the right-wing ministers in a “United We Stand” campaign in support of the War in Iraq. To see more stop here.
I am opposed to the War in Iraq for a number of reasons with the Number 1 Being – We Don’t Belong There! Let’s think back to how we became engaged in war with Iraq. As you may recall we were attacked September 11, 2001 and all arrows pointed to Osama Bin Laden, but our President decided that now was the time to go after his father’s nemesis Saddam Hussein and the infamous Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Fast forward five years and there are no WMD’s, Osama is still laughing at the U.S. and we have now captured, tried and sentenced Hussein to death. Do you feel safer? Have the terrorist attacks ended? Well it’s been quiet on our Western front, but the terrorist cells are still very active and continue to hate the US.
As to Dollar a friend said to me ‘he’s just that Creflo Dollar‘ and I’m sure he’s being paid for his endorsement. This truly saddens me because I recall how a few years back in the early days of the mega ministries Dollar was one of the leaders and he brought many men and women to the Word, but now I wonder how many did he lead down a dark path.
I’ll continue to think on this as I prepare my thoughts for my posting on Good vs. Evil.